About us

Nestled downtown in the heart Calgary’s bustling and vibrant 4th street, GreekTown is a new take on traditional, rustic Greek home cooking. We’re combining the freshest ingredients to re-create regional Greek specialties with a casual and contemporary feel.


At GreekTown, every day is like a summer day in Greece. Inspired by the freshest Mediterranean flavors and the love of good food and friends, join us for a taste of our favorite Greek dishes. Village salad with salty feta cheese, creamy yogurt and honey, traditional Greek mezedes (appetizers) like Dakos (Greek-style bruschetta), Domatokeftedes (tomato and cheese fritters from the island of Santorini) and the perennial favorite, Saganaki (flaming fried cheese.) ​

Come in for a fast and fresh chicken souvlaki wrap for a weekday lunch or if you’d prefer, take your time...remember Greeks are almost never in a rush and food is a serious affair.  In Greece dinner between friends lasts at least two hours or more and usually winds up with drinks till the wee hours... so join us for great food, wine, Greek coffee and of course a glass of Ouzo at GreekTown.